Wandering Tours

Walking tours of your favorite cities delivered to your smartphone with a fast and easy-to-read web browser experience.

How it works

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What is Wandering Tours?

We are a couple of friends that create and publish digital walking tours better than any guide with customizable stops, fun facts, and places not in the guidebooks that tell the stories of how neighborhoods and cities came to be and what their futures hold through a simple, seamless website that lets you go at your own pace, no app required!

Where are your tours?

We are from mid-sized cities and so passionate about helping you explore the cities that have amazing stories but don't get celebrated - currently we are focused on Ohio, but expect to expand to Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky by 2021.

Who are your tours for?

Anyone who can wander! In all seriousness, we think our tours are great for locals who want to spend an afternoon exploring a part of their city that they might not spend time in or for visitors who are looking to truly understand where they are. Our tours are a great family activity, awesome for team events, and can be an excellent gift for someone just settling into a new place.

How did you come up with the stops?

We are wanderers by passion and researchers by trade. Tours start when we think a neighborhood or area has interesting buildings, cool places, or a fun story. Then, we start researching, pulling the threads that help us understand what makes a place special and explain how it is and what it might become. Those get combined into stops and questions and facts that help tell that story in an order, and walking pattern, that makes sense for you, the explorer.

Why did you start Wandering Tours?

We were dissatisfied with the experiences our friends were having while traveling and after trying several online tour companies, were dissatisfied with their quality and delivery. We knew we could bring a simpler interface and better storytelling to life, thus, Wandering Tours was born.


Wandering Tours is dedicated to exploring the neighborhoods that define our cities by providing excellent, engaging, and enjoyable experiences to all who want to spend an afternoon wandering.

We provide the essential details, well chosen route, and interactive experience of a guided walking tour from the convenience of your phone. With each tour tailored to your preferences, Wandering Tours mixes the must-see sights with fun facts and interesting places not found in other tours.

Our motto is "look up," which may seem odd for an organization powered by smartphones. But, we believe that technology can create an incredible experience in the here and now, illuminating the stories of how these cities and neighborhoods rose, and what their futures hold.

We hope you join us to explore the world around you, and ever so often, look up, we promise you won't be disappointed by what you see.